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A Curatorial Platform


VENA-CAVA is a curatorial platform responsible for generating awareness about Human Sustainability through transmedia communication strategies. Human Sustainability is a narrative that promotes meaningful and purposeful connectivity, allowing services and collaborative contexts to share and find opportunities, skills, resources, ideas, and all creative paths to place humanity first, in all and everything we do.

Currently we are focussing all of our efforts into the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

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I AM HERE NOW: A dynamic online platform, of trans-media combinations and experiments, serving wise beings that regardless of gender, age, or background, share a genuine enthusiasm for humanity. 

Working at all levels to experience alignment, From individual wealth at all levels to organically flow into Creative Activism transforming and healing the planet from the inside out. I AM, keeps offering tools to foster the process of actualizing the individual inner skills and resources to synthesize and participate PRESENT HERE AND NOW, engage in the everyday life, with Human Sustainability as a collective earthly gps and BE a RAW warrior; Responsible Aware and Willing individuals collectively igniting REAL change and transformation.



Stories over stories, birthing new stories, an eternal spiral forever rippling from the source of all narratives… Those are the frames of reference of our fundamental identification: who we think, feel, act like, and remember that, we are.

This project is an invitation to open our awareness to consciously allow more of who we are to express from the source, the original essence and authentic line of energy flowing through our core beingness, and then taking a form; what we call the I AM.


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Claudia Flores


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