Optimizing Human Potential


Human Sustainability
Optimizing Human Potential


What We Are
A Curatorial Platform


VENA-CAVA is a curatorial platform responsible for generating awareness about Human Sustainability through transmedia communication strategies. Human Sustainability is a narrative that promotes meaningful and purposeful connectivity, allowing services and collaborative contexts to share and find opportunities, skills, resources, ideas, and all creative paths to place humanity first, in all and everything we do.



Human Sustainability
is the Narrative that fosters the activation
of all the abilities and capacities
individuals have within.

Contexts of Interdependence

Contexts of Interdependence
support the development of individuals aligning with their own integrity, in order to contribute vibrantly to greater collectives.

#H (human)

offers a reliable path to explore the infinite within, to experience yourself embracing all of you and engaging HERE and NOW. 


Once upon a time ... 

Stories over stories, birthing new stories, an eternal spiral forever rippling from the source of all narratives… Those are the frames of reference of our fundamental identification: who we think, feel, act like, and remember that, we are.

This project is an invitation to open our awareness to consciously allow more of who we are to express from the source, the original essence and authentic line of energy flowing through our core beingness, and then taking a form; what we call the I AM.

If we are to be a part of a story, let’s bring more of our true selves into it to be able to use the stories in our favor and, ultimately, embrace a big-enough-story that allows greater opportunities for us to experience; not only to survive but to find motivation and a sense of purpose, meaning and joy. We do this by thriving individually as much as we do collectively, in a harmonious symphony.

I call this story Human Sustainability.


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Claudia Flores


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