A moment to be authentically filled with infinite joy


Use the concept of #Continuity as an inner #experience of calm: a simple moment and yet, a point of reference within. 
A moment to be authentically filled with infinite joy of perceiving grace and aligning into it. 
Where you can flow, secure in a space of serenity, creating a point of reference of who you are all ways and always. 

Use your breath to tap within to the infinite divine repository: the source from where we exist all ways and always.
And yet, it becomes evident as we lose distractions (often when there is nothing else, when we meditate, when we reside in the silence of contemplation) and also when we lose hope and grieve deeply … that in all ways this space is available.

What changes only is our awareness of it.
What some call ‘being awakened’ to this reality, that has, always been there for us. 

Try this #Breathing Exercise:
With each breath, I fully relax allowing grace and balance from the center of my being I AM JOY I AM GRACE I AM CONTINUITY.


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