This divine knowing is such a powerful tool


#Willingness is the natural result of being PRESENT HERE AND NOW.
Being authentically present, where you can perceive with much more that your 5 senses.
You KNOW there is beyond your preferences and your liking: a balance where we all participate to the best of our abilities to respond. 

It is to receive through all of your clear direction, that does not fit the logic of your mind and yet it is a certainty. 
This divine knowing is such a powerful tool available to all. 
It is soft.
Yet it is always there. 

We could start noticing and observing intuitive lines by asking ourselves some questions:
Do I have specific expectations or outcomes? I am attached to outcomes and  If this doesn’t happen then... Do I propel from fear and separation in any of its forms? 

Try this #BreathingExercise: 
With each breath I allow divine knowing to inform my life and direct my choices. I am willing to be HERE and NOW, present in every cell of my body, present in my life, humanity first...

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