We really care about how we are synthesizing


Consider #Synthesizing as the #capacity to convert physical reality within.
This is our very own version of the facts, and the archives we get to file. 

No matter how challenging, we can choose to archive neutral information and release ourselves and generations to come, from the mental or emotional interpretation that does not celebrate humanity.
Rather we can choose to celebrate humanity, to expand evolution into learning and loving, to actualize and upgrade our perception and interpretation, all the time, aligning it to Human Sustainability. 

We really care about how we are synthesizing because herein lies our capacity to allow JOY HEALTH WEALTH, MIRACLES in our Life in all ways.

Observe your process of synthesizing information, what is your coding? 
Your frame of reference? 
Notice what needs to be actualized and what needs to be let go of. 

Notice what do you make things mean... notice how the same facts mean different things to all of us, due to this coding: the narrative we choose to participate in.
All drama is related to our way of interpreting, regardless of right and wrong.
And beyond right and wrong is our common interest for LIFE, LOVE, to preserve individually and collectively … Humanity.


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