Your willingness to go deep within you


Consider #Willingness as the key to the vault where you find the answer to your own prayers ...  because it is.

Your willingness to go deep within you, and to allow and accept what is as that which is for your greatest good to come forward, just focusing in  participating in authentic and full collaboration with life here and now, regardless of your immediate gratification.

It is through you, that life takes action, you are the hands of god, you are the miracles, just the you, you are right here, right now. 
It is us: the good and evil of the planet, through our thoughts, through our emotions, through our doing. 
It is our will. 
The same way we are collectively learning about pollution and it’s effects on the planet,  We are evolving and learning to understand the effects of our mental and emotional balance and its rippling effect to humanity and beyond, in ways we can’t comprehend. 

Let’s take ourselves more seriously and see the relevance of these individual lines of energy building and conducting our whole. Imagine we have cosmic kinds within us, and that our equanimity and harmony maintains  and sustains the frequency of peace at large. 
No matter what keep breathing and maintain a graceful flow, experience all of your emotional range,  noticing the source igniting you, is it sustainable? Notice that One can very well experience all emotional impulses simultaneously and yet always ignite from a clean pure sustainable source of energy, as opposed to a very toxic energy of contraction, fear, pain and deceit. One way to know which is which is to notice our attachments to specific results, and the what are we more interested in expressing, animosity or information.  It is very powerful to become aware and take responsibility and engage in our healing, Let’s choose to do this consciously in every opportunity possible.

Find motivation in this moment by #participating and #engaging with full determination coming from your heart of hearts, beyond judgments and emotionality.

Move from integrity; from your core, beyond any position of right and wrong.

Move towards #HumanSustainability.

List 10 things that come naturally to you and you can enjoy, expand, learn, love and relate with.
Choose 1 and BE through that quality this weekend!


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