It is our responsibility to observe and ponder


Ever since we are born, we step into a story.

Like arriving into a conversation that began way before we arrived.  
We need to be caught up and try to understand by lining bites and pieces, of what we assume from what we hear. 

We are given invisible books of recipes and contracts of old and deeply rooted ways of being; ways of living, ways of loving. Some of this information is not only valuable but pivotal information … YET not all of it is relevant and needs to be actualized by us.

We can adapt to here and now, including all of the nuances of who we are in the planet, individually and collectively. 

What was, for the ones that came before us, shapes the narrative we are born into.
It gives us a point of reference outside of ourselves. 
This is helpful to build rhythm and core, yet this is only the beginning.
We must take responsibility for our existence and the choices we make at all levels in our consciousness. 

It is our responsibility to observe and ponder: the way we perceive WHAT IS; the way we are #Synthesizing information.
We then are able to grow as we actualize and upgrade the narrative whenever needed, to expand and maintain a healthy interdependent line of vital energy flowing through us all.
We become our own point of reference, and the conduit for divine creativity.


blogClaudia Flores