Experience an upgraded experience of power


#Awareness … simply relaxing and allowing our authentic essence to be. 

Just by breathing ... focusing in the flow, increasing the space where we reside in equanimity, in the essence of peace within.

Experience an upgraded experience of power where there is incredible value in aligning within and being yourself a source of balance and grace. 
It is protecting this space, rather than our position of being right, individually and interdependently, humble be present here and now letting go of duality positions.

It is being vigilant to hold in this space of active involvement as we love, and to let nothing, under no circumstances, for any reason, separate ourselves from ourselves. 

Allow your breath to expand the space between #stimulus and #response by being here and now. 
Allow the flow of #continuity as grace and positive regard through you and into all. 
All ways.
Let this be your authentic abundance.

Today, just now, take a minute and use your breath to anchor and expand your #awareness.


blogClaudia Flores