Life offers us challenges


Synthesizing is the quintessential element in our human toolkit as it allows us to fulfill the wish list we have that is running our lives.

We would convert anything into anything in order to satisfy our storyline. 
It is here where we can be proactive, humble to let go of what is no longer in service and to upgrade and actualize the coding of our consciousness.

Life offer us challenges: organic stressors, that somehow act as a natural invitation to strengthen us to become more resilient.
These challenges are the context in which we come to exist and evolve.
This co-creation makes us stronger and we experience expansion. 

Often we create unnecessary challenges for ourselves, stressing and distressing ourselves and depleting our life force.
Consider being vigilant in discerning which kind of stress are you experiencing – and ask yourself: 
Is it strengthening you? 
Is it depleting you? 

Keep the pulse on your Breath maintaining the flow of life nurturing you at all levels, keep being curious about yourself, keep exploring and experimenting aligning and integrating ...


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