Take a pause and simply breathe


As we choose to take a pause and simply breathe, we naturally become more open and available to here and now. It is only here and now, that we could notice our opportunities to heal and integrate. As we grow in awareness, we can more effectively assess what is aligned and proper for us and make our choices from equanimity. 

We become responsible and fast in addressing anything that compromises our integrity.

We become stronger within and more able to be present in our own existence, regardless of the context or circumstances: simply able to remain available, grounded and focus, in the midst of diversions or distractions that invites us to fly, fight or freeze.  

The space in between action and reaction is Awareness, it is what gives us the space to consciously participate in our own life and remain present.

Focus in #Expanding awareness through simply #Breathing in and out. 

Focus on this powerful tool to #anchor stillness and use it as an entry point to the experience of #abundance and #liberation.

With each breath.


blogClaudia Flores