Continuity is Like a radio frequency


Meditation just the same as simply breathing listening to music, walking, working or sleeping, what makes the difference is the moment of truly become really comfortable aligning into our own authenticity as the frequency where the Life force travels through us; become aware of that that infinite flow within it all.

It is this #Continuity that we live from, regardless of how we choose to show up in our lives, it is the ordinary essence we all share: where we give and receive through every breath.
Continuity is Like a radio frequency, it is there regardless of us attuning to it or not, and yet when we choose to syntonize we fulfill our ultimate meaning and purpose in this Human form as conduits of life and love...

From you, I receive. 
To you, I give. 
Together, we share. 
And from this, we live.


blogClaudia Flores