My personal story has led me to acquire strength and  develop virtues, both in my consciousness and my multi-contextual universe. To the eyes of many, these virtues might seem like I am almost indestructible. Of course, I'm strong. However, that's just one side of myself, the one I displayed to survive through a time of my life when things were difficult. I knew there were other aspects to my fortified structure that used to peek through its windows. In every corner, I heard the contagious laughter of that lively and cheerful part of myself: a being full of hope and beauty, in its purest original state. I also heard tears of despair and exhaustion, or a sarcastic and very robust voice, more robust than the voice of a public speaker. Sometimes, a scary, insecure and timid leader appeared, worried even about the wind and the changes in the blue skies. I was one and a thousand.

As a child, the book of my life had only so many pages, but they were full of spelling mistakes. That is why I invented other plots, based on the lines that I liked the most from the story that life gave me. I filled each page with traces of what actually happened and characters who played new and different roles; basically, my personality adjusted to the new story. This madness saved my life countless times and, I dare to say, it also saved the lives of others around me.

The truth is that, when the people around you are used to seeing you as a tough and strong person, they often confuse these "Herculean" attributes with absolute resistance and tolerance. With no doubt, such insensibility comes from the misperception that we are only the inexhaustible driver of the vehicle. 

Humans are not like a cereal box that shows its inside content on its cover. On the contrary, we are made up of different layers to protect and survive. Just as gambling, we create strategies and combinations; we simulate and bet, to traverse the dangers of life with our shell that serves as armor, following the herd. 

There are infinite aspects that are alive within our consciousness. We all are capable of everything, because we are everything inside of ourselves; we carry everything in our core. What we allow or forbid ourselves to manifest depends on our story, the one we received upon arriving here and the one we continue to write with our own hand. From that particular essence, each one is able to challenge their preset story and participate actively, updating it with fantastic adventures, blessings, successes, loves, health, beauty and abundance.    

I intend to move forward constantly, and when I experience setback, I simply return to the starting point and try again, because thoughts, judgments and criticism slip away as we walk. Only the present remains, the here-and-now, where one can fall in love, admire the landscape, observe, listen, smell the rain and enjoy the countryside. In other words, to be attentive to the possibilities that exist in this precise moment, because here-and-now is our contextual opportunity, the only moment we have available to participate, to be authentically present and to surrender to the greatest reality, available for us in this human existence through breathing, recognizing the perfection and the gift of the now.
Today I realize that here-and-now is where our choice lies; the point to decide what we are going to present, be it love, abundance, success, connection, strength, meaningful participation, or the means to be relevant. Whatever we want, it is our decision. 

Here-and-now is an opportunity to perceive each sound, each color, each shape, each detail of creation as part of a masterpiece where every element has purpose and meaning in the universal plan. The opportunity for us is to create harmony and develop an appreciation for what IS, instead of facing life with an attitude of self-pity, hesitating with closed fists, as if life was a set of instructions on how things “should be”, far from the notion that it is to be enjoyed. 
Just like a child that looks at each moment with eyes of wonder, I strive to contemplate everything with curiosity, with generous and kind eyes, thanking all the wonders that the pure moment presents me with, because here-and-now we are not working without rest to reach the goal, but are already at the goal. At the end of each day, I declare that there is no need for approval anymore, nor to play tough, or to tighten the jaw or the muscles continually to express fierceness and survive, because it is here-and-now that greatness widens and makes us giants, indomitable, expanded and plethoric, as grand as a stairway to heaven.

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