Mila is my oldest daughter and she is awesome! She is twelve years old and she is a poet. She loves to write and read. When she starts a book, she walks and eats while reading it. Her greatest pleasure in life is to immerse herself in the stories because then the stories emerge from her.

Reading is the first thing she does when she gets up and the last thing before going to sleep. She doesn’t put a book down until she has “devoured” the last page of it. For days, her mind gets lost in fantastic stories; stories that feed her colorful imagination. She loves to walk between the words and unexplored landscapes. Her mind is like a journey to the center of the Earth where everything is possible. Sometimes she feels guilty because she prefers to read than to tell the family how she did at school or what is happening in her life. However,  the sensitivity that has brought her closer to literature is the same that makes her a great companion, a person who listens to people and practices generosity.
 A couple of years ago, Mila came up with a beautiful way to comfort people when they feel sad. She calls it The Wise Owl and it consists of using words to heal at times of greatest despair. I remember the time when a friend of mine was complaining about her weight, like almost all the women I know. She wondered bitterly how it was possible that at her age she still felt insecure about what clothes to wear without feeling bad. Mila suddenly interrupted: “May I give you a wise owl?”, and after explaining what it meant, she continued, “your beauty is so immense that there is no way that your body, small, big, or as you have it, would be more important than the beautiful being that you are. The body is a distraction from what you truly are, there is no one person who can not see your enormous and absolute beauty.”

My friend was speechless after my daughter finished speaking to her. She only managed to say, “Oh, Mila”, because she was moved to tears, just as I was. Mila produces that effect in people with her light and sincerity, which go beyond herself and leave a trace wherever she goes.

Owls have been a symbol of inner wisdom and psychic abilities since ancient times, birds that carry messages between spiritual and earthly creatures. I don’t know if Mila thought about the wise owls from the owls of Harry Potter, but one might think as much given the fact is that it is a “purifying spell”, born from Mila’s heart, from her indwelling innocence, her fresh way of looking at things, from her own perception of the world and of the people around her, completely stripped of prejudices and defects. Mila sees the soul of people and translates beauty into healing words. She has the gift of turning her creativity, sensitivity, and imagination into the comfort that is most needed. It's as if she always knows what to say. For me, this has a direct relationship with the synthesizing process, which is the individual's capacity to perceive, transform and extract value from the reality to which they are exposed. This is relevant because here lies our capacity to experience life.

Each of us has individual abilities to perceive “reality” as well as to assimilate, transform and update the value of each situation. Regardless of the contextual circumstances, each person perceives things and situations differently. That's why the story we write about ourselves is unique, as is the way we see life.

We have been loaded with certain codes and with infinite amounts of information, which have been relevant and useful at some point within a specific frame of reference. Just like computer systems where complex coding is necessary for identification purposes, we as individuals are codified through the context of our collectives, common ideas, principles, opinions, beliefs and traditions. Synthesizing serves, in a way, as our ability to translate what is and take it to the interior of who we are. This is the way in which we generate energy that makes us move one way or the other. The opportunity here is to open the path for the life force to awaken our individual capacities to respond and participate, thereby expanding our relationship with time and space, giving us a moment to truly choose and evaluate how to approach our own existence and how to update our coding, to continue calibrating the best of ourselves towards Human Sustainability.

By addressing our coding, updating and exercising self-control, we can maintain a space of virtue and authentic self-esteem, understanding that we participate in all the stories. Nevertheless, none of them makes us bigger or smaller. Our relationship with the codification of our collectives is merely functional. We have the capacity to participate neutrally with the ideas and material that has been transmitted to us; the thousands of stories, traditions, incomplete circles, our memory, our beliefs, absolutely everything that we carry in our genes, just like my friend concerned about her weight. The fact that she was feeling uncomfortable with her own image, somehow has to do with being outside the margin of what is acceptable under codes and standards of the collectives in which she participates. Who tells us what it is or is not to look good? In reality, it is something that depends only on the concept of beauty that has been transmitted to us through the inserted files that we have, and that resonate —like echoes— within the frames of reference in which we consistently look for shelter.

Mila was the first of her generation within the family. She was the first daughter, the first niece, the first granddaughter. All the things she did —her first words, her first steps, her first sneeze— were quite an event. Mila had all the gifts and celebrations that make a child “happy.” She blossomed in a protective environment, full of caring and love, and became the center of attention from all sides. Her little achievements as a newborn were the epic topic around dinner. Being the center of the world is a role that she plays in a natural way. She never disappoints her audience and receives applause as something inherent, as something that has been so since the beginning of time. Her treatment with the whole family has made her sociable and extroverted, willing to share and open to people sharing with her. That is why she has dared to express herself and to approach people when they are going through moments of discontent, as with my friend. These are moments in which perhaps others would not know what to say, but when I hear her speak that way, from her heart, I corroborate that we could all resort to that wisdom that passes through us, as a living river that nourishes and refreshes everything it touches. It is important to take this regenerating water, and from it recalibrate all the information that has been transmitted to us by generations, looking beyond the appearance so that we discover how wonderful we are, how sublime, how extraordinary, how beautiful!

I believe in creating a narrative that allows individuals to dynamically update and participate with themselves and with others by updating our own contexts, recognizing our authentic relevance and committing ourselves to thriving beyond surviving, overcoming the obstacles that make it difficult to reach our true essence. Through this narrative we can update our paradigms, complexes, and pain to know how to recognize ourselves as what we are; that wonderful conduit of the purest essence. In this, we are awakening our individual abilities to participate in perfect measure and the most aligned way. From this space, we are filled with life and take our place in the universe, no more and no less.

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