Human Sustainability
The Narrative


Human Sustainability is the narrative that fosters the activation of all the abilities and capacities individuals have, where the collectives become suitable atmospheres, not only to discover such capacities, but to develop them supported by the network of trust and assistance that is built among its members who share a sense of purpose. We believe in collective systems of leadership where the group grows as the talents of individuals are perfected and added up. Part of our duty is to support each individual in bringing forward and contributing the best of themselves to the benefit of all, regardless of the conditions of their environment, because we seek to synthesize value from any circumstance in which we participate.

Human Sustainability relies on being open to new realities and situations that lead us to challenge the known, and to experience and learn to react to the new, and thus, discover the breadth of our scope and possibilities.

Human Sustainability is the result of social responsibility and the attitude that people, companies, and collectives have toward service. It is a way of learning to find the well-being of the human conglomerate via awareness, regardless of diverse ideologies, limitations, philosophies, beliefs or judgments. Our goal is for society and human beings to achieve prosperity in their own definition.



Human Sustainability Series
The Experiments


The Human Sustainability Series is a learning platform that will help you discover the infinite skills and tools at your disposal, to ignite your natural abilities to respond and participate in your life, individually and collectively.
This platform will provide the space for you to find opportunities to heal, nurture, and balance your life, and from that inner wealth and well-being, learn to elevate your participation in functional collectives from a state of self-certainty and self-esteem.
In this infrastructure, we will give you access to various themes. Through each theme, you can explore the ability to move towards Human Sustainability by learning to extract and synthesize value out of every circumstance. You'll have the space to experiment with different approaches to your participation; exploring various techniques, schools of thought, philosophies, etc., where every possible resource can be considered an ingredient in actualizing and igniting our individual abilities to respond.
This curriculum is nonlinear, which means there is no official order to move through this series. Each of these themes is designed to support you in any stage of your life. We invite you to go on a Journey Towards Human Sustainability; one where you can build the tools and create space for sustainably engaging with yourself and the collective we all are a part of.



Human Sustainability Seal
For Aligned Organizations

We believe in law and consequences, we celebrate and honor all the levels where there is conditional clear checks and balances, literally and metaphorically. We believe  humanity thrives in organized and somehow predictable structures. 

Having said that, the Human Sustainability Seal verifies and certifies that a collective of any kind, places humanity first.

Humanity over effectiveness, whatever that means to each one.
Humanity over profit. Humanity over right and wrong.
Humanity above fair and unfair.
Humanity above all.

That the collective operates within a frame of reference, where we are aware of our shared essence and breathe the same air as we flow from the same essence —Continuity—, from which we resource our equanimity and determination towards Human Sustainability, expanding awareness, igniting our individual abilities to respond, engaging willingly. Taking our Space in the universe, no more and no less!

The Seal does not endorse or justify anything or anybody. The Seal is a way to remind ourselves that there is a bigger story; one where we are always and all ways LOVE!


Human Sustainability Council
The Community

Events where we aggregate and connect people igniting proactive engagement and sustainable actualization.

What: These are the individuals, anybody who is willing and is determined to share from his or her individual abilities to respond; researchers, teachers, film producers, writers, students, leaders worldwide, curios creative children, and all others who are interested in giving of their life, to assist the projects and Context of Interdependence that VENA-CAVA has live. 

Why: Service to others is a core component of our mission. We support all individuals who would like to assist in giving and receiving, making this a lifestyle. We are very open to feedback. In fact, this is the pulse of our rhythm, because we believe in dynamic frames where we can always keep expanding, learning, serving, living and loving.  It also allows us to measure our results tangibly, and understand what aspects of our initiatives are working and what we can improve on. This is essential to the long-term success of our vision, Human Sustainability.

How: Our volunteers go through specific training so they are qualified to represent us in all integrity. Each volunteer is selected based on their application review process. As a volunteer, you can participate in the “I am _____ and ____ is my cause” media campaign. We will make your profile and trans-media available, so that like-minded and heart-minded beings are allowed to interact and co-create through our social media platforms, as well as participating in VENA-CAVA’s Contexts of Interdependence. 

RAW Warrior Community: We are currently working on the development of the RAW Warrior digital service platform (RAW stands for Responsibility, Awareness and Willingness,) which aims to create a learning, volunteering, and donating social platform that contributes to raising awareness, to awaken human abilities, and to open the perception of reality to different approaches promoting service and sustainability.


Vena-Cava Consulting

Vena-Cava Consulting is targeted to the leaders or decision-makers within collectives of all kinds.

Whether corporate, institutions, academics, government, research teams, and even families; basically any organism that aggregates and organizes human beings.

We offer personal one-on-one, and group consulting resources, all taylor-made to address the specific intentions and outcomes of your organization or group.

We connect you with a curated list of highly trained individuals.

We are a skilled team that fosters integrity all around, acknowledging individuals, promoting a culture of Responsibility, Awareness, and Willingness to live to the fullness of each one's potential.