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We support the development of contexts where individuals align with integrity, vibrating interdependence. We focus on connecting social impact platforms with private and public organizations, to give them exposure and sustainability so that the interaction is charged with humanity, creating a positive impact, dictating the rules of engagement, the narrative of the culture we live in, and the frames of reference of our existence. 
This would also promote the destination of funds and human resources towards these causes, difficult to access otherwise. The purpose is for these connections to become long-term, profitable and lasting relationships.



Contexts of Interdependence are ... 


More than a simple way of “giving back”.

They are ways to create a virtuous circle, a way of life. Functional collectives formed by individuals with expansive awareness, committed to learn and strengthen their abilities to respond, being determined and willing to participate. 


Efficient groups sharing goals with a clear purpose.

They are groups committed to the well-being and improvement of each individual as a priority, dynamically actualizing and calibrating the flow towards Human Sustainability, always, all ways.


An environment where collaborators  help to generate purpose and common sense from a cause. 

They are tailor-made, adapting in time and space to the ever-changing needs of dynamic collectives, harnessing their efforts on the construction of a narrative of expansion. 

On the one hand, this narrative activates the ability to respond for those who participate in it. On the other hand, it reflects in productivity and efficiency for their own organizations.

We believe that the road to peace is through personal transformation, which impacts social evolution directly, promoting the creation of opportunities that encourage individuals to be the protagonists of their own development.





La Casa de las Mujeres que Curan
(The home of women healers)

A group of women in the municipality of Chemax, Yucatan, dedicated to contribute to the physical and spiritual health of Mayan women in the region, through natural and traditional medicine, herbs, and hands-on physical therapy. 


Pueblos Indígenas
(Indigenous peoples)

Forums that contribute to the permanence and sustainability of multiple indigenous legacies, through initiatives that effectively address issues such as marginalization, fostering the development of the community with creative alternatives that come from the members of the communities themselves. 



Thriving Skills
(trawelling series)

A program for families (especially with children) dedicated to raising awareness and values in our future generation, relating to their whole beingness. We deeply immerse in the simplicity of nature and humanity by working the concepts of Responsibility, Awareness, and Willingness in activities such as camping or visiting remote locations, without media or internet devices We believe in authentic self-esteem as the antidote of any and all conflicts and illnesses, strengthening ourselves and allowing a positive vision of the world around us.

Grants & Sponsorships

Although we are mainly a conveyor, on occasion we are involved with organizations in unique circumstances. We are always interested in ways to participate in opportunities that open more possibilities.


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Foro Youth Initiatives

We are here to raise awareness (not Funds) We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire sustainable action.

FYI is a platform supporting youth to use media to create a sense of community based on engagement models aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By youth, for youth. To make sense of what’s common and make common what makes sense.

Finding our own voice, engage in a cause, develop grit and poise through life-long sustainable activism.

FYI is proud to be in Partnerships for SDGs - initiative registered #28131 with the UN



The Art of 'Us'

Raising awareness of the Art of “Us”:
the art of simply being human.


Contexts of Interdependence
Experiments and Live Contexts

Explore the means of sustainable service and engagement, from this awareness: Take meaningful journeys, find purpose and celebrate your humanity reflected in others. Learn, explore, and experience narratives and ways of existing from all corners of the world, with no other agenda than to stir your consciousness to expand your awareness. Ignite your individual abilities to respond and to engage willingly by taking your space in the universe…No more and no less! Yes! Activism: being exactly who YOU are, HERE and NOW.

ACT-ivisms the art of #US #H humans
Creative Activist Expressions

Events merging Art in all forms with Activist projects around the world. Art as Activism and The ACTs of Activism as Artistic expressions, the Art of Us. We aggregate and connect people igniting proactive engagement. We believe in getting together and share material to inspire, living from the inside out, trigger authentic transformation as a very personal path of remembering our parts into integrity. All of the issues of humanity are relevant to us, all of humanity is our family.



Our Allies

We work closely and often in association with various collectives and other platforms of awareness.

Our stars and the closest to our heart are: