Once upon a time ... 


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This story of Human Sustainability invites cleaner energies, producing movement from a well of Continuity; a sense of unconditional grace within, where we are fundamentally safe and abundant; where we are love, joy, health, radiance, and harmony; where we have nothing to fight or resist, where the universal reality gifts us every context for our advancement, growth, learning and upliftment, far out from preferences and interpretations of reality; yet, functional and absolutely present to any and all realities.


In this story, I take each individual I AM as perfectly equipped to participate in any given context. That I AM gets to participate in this impersonal reality that simply is —let’s call it HERE. That I AM gets activated HERE, and produces the ever blooming eternal NOW… I AM HERE NOW.

We have both limited and unlimited aspects in our consciousness. We have a conditional body that needs specific care and thrives through balance. We know the drill: we sleep, we eat, we drink, we move and align as best as we can to preserve our physical body. Each aspect of who we are, including our body, is perfectly designed for us, by us, and meant to support our individual learning and progress in all levels and all ways. 
However, beyond the physical body and the five senses\ that we use to relate to the physical world, there are incredible —and sometimes unexplored— capacities available to us as we turn to experience more of who we are, our mental body, our emotional body, our interdependent body, etc. 

For our part, whether actively or passively, consciously or unconsciously, we choose. That’s the name of the game, and it is a neutral one. It has no energy, no life, and no story until I step in as who I am, processing, bringing the energy that flows through me, directing it and engaging it. My choice to engage the energy flow through me gives it meaning. I make this choice through my interpretation. I choose what and how anything becomes alive. With these choices, I create my story.

We assign meaning to the game according to the frame of reference where we come from, which inherently judges everything as positive or negative. As much as I can, I like to entertain the neutral observation while being fully present, breathing in and out from that authentic source where continuity travels, igniting my abilities to respond, engaging with determination towards my choices. That is why I like to have Human Sustainability.

The Human Sustainability story, is one where there is no need to activate or motivate any capacity with toxic energies. It goes beyond right or wrong, good or evil. We want to monitor experiments and learn what is, and what is not, humanly sustainable. Our bodies need clean and pure elements to synthesize life in all levels, to merely survive. And we receive clear feedback that our capacity gets compromised and limited as we get toxic. Carrying energy that excludes me from the whole, in search of survival and advancement, is a very limited scope, and works with heavy and severe collateral effects. 

I choose to deliberately collaborate and find creative ways to engage fully, from the certainty of continuity. We are all going and coming from the same source. We are working our own individual mandala with infinite nuances and intricacies, always and all ways moving and fully engaging and letting go. I use this life to try the story out, even if it doesn't make sense, it will keep me busy loving.

What if, instead of participating in a story where there is interest solely to devote our lifetime to specific outcomes, trying to control the environment, we turn and devote that determination into our internal path? This is to be curious and diligently actualize our coding to interpret and synthesize life and ignite our individual abilities to experience more of who we are at the source, where there are no stories limiting our capacities, entering this and all stories from that abundance, taking our space in the universe, no more and no less. 

Ultimately, every story starts somewhere, somehow, likely based on a real need to understand and bring cooperation and keep on moving!

Let’s use the crisis humanity is facing as the perfect conditions to experience rock bottom as a collective, and come up with new models and creative curiosities, supported with strength and determination to allow a new story… one that places humanity first; beginning with each one, through each breath, attuning, participating with integrity, to be able to simply say I AM HERE NOW, and mean it!

This whole project is a playful, practical opportunity to explore being the author of the story, and being the one responsible for the interpretation of whatever form represents the ultimate destination of our eternal search for balance within.

From the same ink, this is a collective of hearts and souls invested in creating stories that serve as ladders to get a higher perspective, as bridges that connect you with all, using all the resources available. This is a collective effort that I, Claudia, am responsible for. It compiles years of creative and executive participation of incredibly talented beings that I am so grateful to collaborate and participate with, at all levels of my beingness. 

May this serve as a humble recognition for the love I have experienced and for the light each of these people have been to me personally, while your wise creative processes allow these pieces to keep coming together. 

I commit to maintaining the pulse to the authentic sound of continuity, breathing in and out from that line of energy, keeping the curatorial frame aligned to Human Sustainability in all ways, allowing as many of you to travel and share with all of us. And of course… this or something better for the highest good of all concerned!